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South Africa
Cheap call South Africa with just-dial and you'll be cutting the cost of your international phone calls at once. What's more you can make cheap calls whether you're calling from a landline, mobile or payphone.

Just-dial allows you to make cheap international calls - from your landline and mobile with just-dial Instant you can easily start making savings on international phone calls at once from any landline, mobile or even from a pay phone.

Are you always on the move? Do you find using a landline tiresome and want the flexibility of being able to make low cost international calls from your mobile? We have the product for you. Just-dial Card is as simple as it gets. There's:

  • No account to open
  • No subscription
  • No need to go to the shops every time you want to top-up your credit

So whether you want to make a cheap call low-cost international call to Cape Town from your landline or mobile - you'll make massive savings with just-dial.

Choose the ideal product for you - find great deals on international calls to other countries:

Just-dial Instant

Just-dial Instant saves you money with low cost international phone calls. So whether you're calling just to say hello, or you're sharing a special event like New Year or Ramadan, you can keep in touch with family in South Africa or wherever they are in the world.

Compare international call costs from just-dial Instant with BT and you'll see just how cheap we are. You can make international phone calls from just 5p a minute to all four corners of the world with just-dial Instant - and cheap international calls mean you can afford to talk to family or friends more often and for longer!

Select your country from the list
Just-dial Card

Make cheap international calls to South Africa with pre-paid call credit to your mobile. Enjoy the benefits of international prepaid calling credit direct to your mobile via SMS.

How do I pay, then?
The cost of the calls you make is charged to your mobile bill or your Pay As You Go credit. Remember

  • You can dial your destination number at any time during the prompt
  • You can call from any phone - just enter the PIN from your confirmation text message
  • Select your country from the list