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Instant Internet There is no easier way to get on the web

Just-dial is pleased to be able to offer you completely instant Internet access. All you pay is the cost of the phone call, which is charged at BT's local rate. It's simple, reliable and, best of all, it's instant.

Just download our installer, or, if you are running Microsoft Windows® you can do install it manually by following these instructions:

  1. Click 'Start' on the taskbar and then go to 'Settings', then 'Control Panel' and then double click the 'Internet options' icon.

  2. Click on the 'Connections' tab and click on the 'Setup...' button.

  3. The Internet Connection Wizard now launches. Ensure that 'I want to setup my Internet connection manually' is selected and then click 'Next >'.

  4. When asked 'How do you connect to the Internet?' select 'I connect through a phone line and a modem' and click 'Next >'.

  5. In the next box, remove any area code and in the telephone number box type '0845 451 1000'. If the 'use area code and dialling rules' box is ticked then un-tick it. Click 'Next >'.

  6. Type in 'Just Dial' in the user name box, leave the password field empty and click 'Next >'.

  7. When prompted about your password being blank, click 'Yes'.

  8. In the next box type 'Just Dial Internet' and click 'Next >'.

  9. When asked 'Do you want to set up an Internet mail account now?' select 'No' and click 'Next >'.

  10. Click 'finish' to complete the process - and you're done.