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Make your cheap
international call from the phone used to pay for
cheap calling credit or from another phone using a PIN and dial our 0207 124 6666 access number.

Calls to our 0207 access number will be charged
by your provider at their standard rate or may be
included in your inclusive call package
ALL ABOUT 0901 366 2006 X
The 0901 366 2006 number is set up with BT so that a single call will cost you exactly £1 when dialed from a home (or office) BT phone. You can then, at your leisure, use up that £1 credit by making your international calls at our super low rates. Remember if you top up from a mobile or cable phone the call may cost more than £1, please check with your service provider first.
When you want to make the international call you need to dial one of the numbers that access our service - the numbers you can dial are 0800 594 6666 or 0207 124 6666 or 0845 451 6666. Please note that when using the 0800 access number we charge a 2p per minute surcharge for your international call. To see which access number may be best for you click here.
All about texting 83006 X
You must have a valid UK mobile number on the T-Mobile or Vodafone or O2 or Orange or Three or Virgin networks to use this service. Bill payer's permission must be obtained before texting. The text message request you send for a £3 top-up will be charged at your standard mobile operator's text rate. Each of the two text messages you receive will cost 150p and will be credited individually one at a time.
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